Yoga Jeans

Second Denim, a Montreal apparel company founded in 2000, is best known for its line Yoga Jeans. Designer Eric Wazana developed Yoga Jeans in response to a need he saw for an affordable pair of jeans so comfortable that you could do just about anything while wearing them. He set out to produce a jean for all women, inspired by their shapes, sizes and variations.

Each of Second Denims garments is manufactured entirely in Quebec with an effort to reduce environmental impact. They produce just 2% material waste in cutting their denim, use recycled rivets and pieces, and reuse their denim dyes as many times as possible in order to reduce water usage.

With a diagonal stretch and seamless contours, these jeans have a 92% shape memory, the highest on the market and are designed to move with you. The result is a jean with great fit, style and stretch. The only jeans you can do yoga in!    

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