Terra Cotta Design

Founder of Terra Cotta clothing, Barbara Starr, has been hand-making women’s clothing in Toronto since 1986. With 25 years of experience in clothing design and manufacturing, Barbara has been operating a 10 person production facility in Toronto for 18 years – constructing Terra Cotta’s pieces as well as others’.

Terra Cotta creates classic and simply tailored clothes designed for comfort and ease of wear. Starr’s line of everyday and business casual work wear is designed to fit into your existing wardrobe or stand on its own. Her pieces are affordable, stylish and beautifully made, constructed using woven, textured and stretch fabrics with a focus on natural fibers such as linen, cotton, boiled wool and silk.

‘I'm inspired by my clients, the needs that they have, and the clothing that they wear. They all, for the most part, both work and have children, so I try to marry those two worlds in comfort and ease, yet classic styling, tailoring, things that are going to make it a little more special than just everyday wear.’   Barbara Starr

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