Luvly Round-Up: Things to do in Lunenburg

Coffee Fix
There is something about small towns and coffee shops that goes together perfectly.  Lunenburg is home to No. 9 Coffee Bar, a brand new cafe that just opened this summer. They have a beautiful private garden that is the perfect spot to get in some quality reading time, or to chat with a friend. 

Beaching It
The best way to beat the heat in the summertime is to hit the beach. The drive to Hirtles Beach takes you down some charming winding roads, which end at a beautiful beach with some great hiking trails. Family friendly, with some good waves, Hirtles is the perfect spot to cool down, enjoy the water, and soak up some sun. 

Sweet Tooth
Ice cream is a must-eat in the summertime. Sweet Treasures on Montague Street makes delicious homemade ice cream as well as waffle cones in house! With a great variety of ice cream flavours to try, and a delicious waffle cone Sweet Treasures is the perfect spot for satisfy your craving for a sweet treat.