Goodbye Summer

Now that summer is officially over, we've finally had some time to sit back and reflect on all the awesome things we saw and experienced here at Luvly over the course of the season. We loved meeting you in the store, seeing your excitement over clothing made in Canada (especially over dresses made from recycled golf shirts!) and hearing your stories.

You've shared about how much you love your Hanna Broer underwear (yes we do talk about underwear, loudly and with no shame), how the Birds of North America dresses are PERFECT in every way, and how your Susan Harris top is the envy of all your friends.

And there are our favourite memories of the summer - how we saved the day by hooking you up with a last minute wedding outfit, the kids that twirled around and around in Preloved dresses from our Kids Corner, that time you walked (danced?) out of the store wearing a newly purchased dress.

We got to do some pretty neat things this summer too. We invited the Good Lovelies to play dress-up here at Luvly, and they said yes! We took them all over the waterfront with Heidi Jirotka Photography (finally got to meet this GEM in person), and they laughed and sang and danced even in the rain. We had trunk shows with Terra Cotta, Zafira Apparel, and Therese Bombardier Designs.

This summer was also exciting as we introduced you to a few new designers, namely a Montreal trifecta - Betina Lou, Birds of North America, and Valerie Dumaine, as well as so many beautiful pieces from the designers you know and love. 

So thanks for a great summer! We're buckling down and bringing out the sweaters and looking forward to the fall that's ahead of us. We're adding several new designers to the Luvly roster this fall, stay tuned for our new arrivals!