Designer Interviews: Yoga Jeans

Many of our customers love Yoga Jeans for their fantastic fit, higher cuts and stylish colours. We caught up with Yoga Jeans designer Eric Wazana to hear about his inspiration for creating Yoga Jeans, how he got started in the fashion industry and more. 

*This interview includes some sneak peeks of some of the Yoga Jeans styles and colours that will be in store soon. We're in love with the gorgeous shades Eric has chosen for this year's colour palette,  we can't wait to pair them with our fall wardrobes!

Rust // Chestnut // Grape

Rust // Chestnut // Grape

Can you tell us about the inspiration for your design process?

I’m most inspired by women, their shapes, sizes and the variation between each woman’s physique. No two of them are the same, I love the challenge of having a jean for each individual figure.

How do you begin researching and designing a new product?

I love to travel, I think that being infused with style of other cultures is what gets my “creative juices flowing”. Then I take [my inspiration] to the drawing board, exploring fabrics & fits.


Where do you do your work?

My office is where I do most of my work, however seeing that style evolves and changes daily I consider myself [to be] “working” all the time. Thankfully I love my job.

Where do you source your materials?

Second Denim sources fabrics from all over the world. We believe in offering women only the highest of quality products and those can be found all over the place.

How did you get started in clothing design?

I owned a clothing store prior to opening Second [Denim] and I would see women go into the changing room and come out dissatisfied with the product I had to offer them. Whether it be price point, fit or style they [never seemed to have] a WOW moment. So I decided to infuse sexiness, great fit and stretch into one pair of jeans, a jean that gives every woman the confidence they deserve.


How do you like to relax when you are not working/what’s your guilty pleasure?

I'm simple, I enjoy a great coffee in my garden. It's not a guilty pleasure I guess, but I find pleasure in the small things.

As a fashion designer, what do you believe is the recipe for success?

Going with the flow, taking your mistakes and making them successes, and observing the change of the world and the people around you.