Our Store

Luvly in Lunenburg is a boutique that exclusively carries independent Canadian clothing for women. All of our designers are Canadian and their lines are manufactured in Canada. Many of our designers specialize in using reclaimed fabrics, while others focus on natural fibres such as silk, wool, cotton and bamboo. 

Together with our neighbouring retailers and services on Lincoln Street, we strive to make a contribution to community economic development, vitality, and sustainability. We also strive to work in partnership with local suppliersrestaurants and accommodation providers, other retailers, local organizations, and festivals.

Our Building

Our retail store is located in the historic Burns Block (built in 1930) in Old Town, Lunenburg. Formerly a ladies wear store for many decades, the Luvly in Lunenburg store was renovated in 2011 to reflect Luvly's style and values with clean, open lines and lots of natural light. 

The historic character of this building has been revived and augmented with new floors of Lunenburg County hemlock, supplied by Windhorse Farm. Luvly in Lunenburg features a restored arched window with views that extend to the Lunenburg Harbour. 

The Burns Block houses creative industries, such as:
The Lunenburg Makery — A place for learning, making and gathering around craft culture and DIY skills. 
Altered — An in house alterations and repairs service
Novita Interpares — Provides consulting services and professional advice in the cultural and social sectors.
Learning Lunenburg — A centre for the study of small communities
Leaf + Branch Lands + Building Cooperation — Develop, own and operate historic buildings and buildings of character  

Our Staff


Alicia Steeves, Store Manager

I support Canadian independent clothing because I believe in wearing and owning items that were designed and constructed with care. I want my closet to contain quality pieces that will last beyond just one season or several washes.

As a creative entrepreneur, I recognize the importance of supporting small businesses and the talented people who run them.  I want to know my makers and their stories, and I’m proud to contribute to their successes by purchasing their products.


Johanna Hayes, Administrator

I support Canadian independent clothing because I believe in ethical and sustainable business practices. I believe in fair wages for work, and want to support companies that pay their employees fairly.

I believe in cost per wear and appreciate the longevity of a well-crafted product. The longer a product lasts, the better. This contributes to a low carbon footprint, which is enhanced by the decreased use of fossil fuels for shipping.

Purchasing clothing made within Canada enriches the economy as well as a culture of craft and design, two things I am proud to contribute to.



Leslie Wright, Owner

Leslie Wright and Brian Arnott jointly created and developed Luvly in the spring of 2011. In the development period, Leslie took the lead on designer relations, marketing, community relations, staffing and store operations.

On an ongoing basis, Leslie and Brian jointly manage Luvly’s parent company, The Buzz Holdings Inc, and Leslie continues as the point of contact for Luvly’s store manager. She is also the point person with Luvly’s designers and she is the store’s buyer.

Leslie comes to Luvly with a long managerial history in community social and economic development including having led both social service and community development agencies.

As Principal in a consultancy which has clients from coast to coast, Leslie is an acknowledged leader in strategic planning, governance, human resource planning, funding and operational innovation in the social and community development sectors. 

As a volunteer leader, Leslie has been Chair of the Board of a major educational institution, a provincial association and a metropolitan service organization.


Brian Arnott, Owner

Brian Arnott and Leslie Wright jointly created and developed Luvly in the spring of 2011. In the development period, Brian took the lead on facility development, corporate design and financing.

On an ongoing basis, Brian and Leslie jointly manage Luvly’s parent company, The Buzz Holdings Inc.

Brian comes to Luvly with a long history of facility development both in the public and private sectors. As a specialist consultant, he has been a member of many architectural design teams on large projects and has purchased and improved dozens of residential and small commercial properties.

Originally trained and practiced as a theatrical designer (costumes, scenery and lighting), Brian has a long history of involvement in design including both graphics and interiors.

Brian also has many years of experience in financial operations of small companies as well as capital development financing through both commercial and private lenders.

Brian is Senior Partner in Canada’s oldest cultural consultancy which has more than 1,000 projects to its credit across the country.


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Luvly's logo was thoughtfully created by Melon Design