Independent Canadian Clothing

Luvly in Waiting

In 2011, the historic Burns Block in Old Town Lunenburg was transformed into a centre of creative industry with the opening of Luvly in Lunenburg, The Lunenburg Makery, Altered at The Lunenburg Makery and the opening of the second floor design studios.

For five years, Luvly in Lunenburg enjoyed a special relationship with more than twenty designers whose work collectively created the unique look and feel of the store and the shopping experience that is Luvly in Lunenburg. With such an array of exceptional talented designers from across the country, Luvly in Lunenburg demonstrated that the Canadian design industry can create clothing for women of all ages that is well made stylish and affordable while still being manufactured in a way that is ethical and sustainable.

While Luvly in Lunenburg has developed a loyal following in the local market, there are simply too few people in the Lunenburg area to sustain a year-round operation. As we close our doors and take this pause, we would like to thank all those who contributed to making Luvly in Lunenburg a special place – our customers, our designers and our staff.